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Journaling at top reads:
Operation Christmas Cookie 2009: Due to an out-of-town trip, this year’s Christmas Cookie assembly had to be split into two parts. Round One, December 8: I iced, drizzled, powdered and packaged all the “must be shipped” sweets.
Round Two, December 19 & 20: Repeat, repeat, repeat for all the cookies going to in-towners.

Caption at bottom reads:
1. Italian Knots, Northwest Pecan Bars, Oatmeal Rangers, Orange Macadamia Nut and Old-Fashioned Sugar Cookies are packed in their box
2. The Nail’s cookie box, tied and ready to go
3. Orange Macadamia Nut cookies get orange buttercream icing
4. Cookie close-up: Cinnamon Biscotti Sticks

One footnote on this whole crazy project (in case you want more insight into my insanity): I start baking in November and freeze the first batches of cookies so they stay fresh. For recipes that require icing, though, I freeze the cookies unfrosted, then thaw and decorate them before packing them up. It's a bit of a pain to do all that icing at once, but it keeps the cookies from getting soggy. And the icing looks better when it hasn't been in the freezer! : )

In this Project (all DD):
Anna Aspnes
MonoBlendz Oceana Paperie
Stitched by Anna Circles No. 01
Stitched by Anna Circles No. 02
Stitched by Anna White No. 01

Pattie Knox
Absolutely Acrylic: Snowflakes
Felty Flakes
Have a Heart Felts No. 02
Itty Bitty Alphabet Beads

Katie Pertiet
Capped: Holidays
Classic Cardstock: Christmas
Color Challenge, 11.01.09 (red papers)
Cut Ups: Christmas
Defining Christmas Brushes and Stamps
Game Cards: Holiday (pink chip)
Groceria Words: Holiday
Lil Bit Tags: Winter Park
Spot Dots No. 13 Paper Pack
Spot Dots No. 15 Paper Pack (recolored)
Spot Dots No. 17 Paper Pack

Michelle Martin
Alana Solids Paper Pack

Mindy Terasawa
Christmas Dreams Glitters
Sweet Love Solids Paper Pack

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