Another heritage page...Enjoying looking back at the moment, epecially as I'm now teaching my own two how to ski.


My Dad was doing his Winter Survival School with the RAF in Bad Kohlgrub and so my Mum and Dad took us out of school for that time period for a whole new experience: Learning to ski. I was also introduced to the sport of ski jumping and have loved watched it ever since. It fascinates me.

We went with the Gibson family, whose children were in their late teens/early twenties. They had plenty of time for Sarah and I then 7 and 9 years old and we thought they were just the *coolest* not to mention I remember staying up *the latest wed ever stayed up* that New Years Eve.

It was very cold but there was a distinct lack of snow. I remember drinking from my Dads cup of steaming *Gluhwein* aka hot spiced red wine.

Some of the competitors were really young - 16 years old and they had to climb stairs to the top of the ski jump (carrying their skis). Their skis were super-wide, about 4 inches across. The competitor sat on a plank of wood at the top awaiting their turn.

We had to stand for the duration of the championships. Dad bought a programme and wrote down the distances each ski jumper achieved. Each competitor had two jumps and I believe the best one was taken. The presentation of awards was accompanied by music, traditional Bavarian costume and a parades.

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