Last December we were without power for 6 days --- and I scrapped 5 of those days back then. Finally now getting to Day 6. Day 1 from last year

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Blog post. Wednesday, December 17, 2008. Though there are many here in NH still in the cold and dark, this evening our electricity (and lights and heat and water and internet access) are back on. We woke to snow and thought that while wed been told wed get power by 11pm this night, it might not happen now. While starting the wodstove, I called my mom to have her go to our local news website to find out if there was school in our town ---- talk about information withdrawal! No school, so the kids played for a while with the neighbors in the snow. Neil plowed the driveway and then the boys & I went to Neils office while he stayed home to burn a fire and wait on electricity. Neil called us with the news around 5pm. We cheered and scooted over to the dining hall (which the boys think is awesome!) for dinner. Then we loaded computers into the car and drove home. On other nights driving home, Isaac had said he couldn't wait til EVERYONE got power back so that he could stop thinking of Christmas lights on houses as taunts. We usually watched the windows as we drove out of town noting who had power . . . and where it ended. . . and when there was a particularly bright house, we'd moan. We arrived home to Neil playing LOUD music and the boys whooped and did a dance they were calling the snowman. We threw out the last of the bad food, put the little bit that survived in the fridge, started the dishwasher, emptied the tubs of snow we were melting to flush toilets, started some laundry ('cause I want to make sure there are clean clothes for when school must surely start tomorrow), put the boys in the tub and cleaned toilets!!!! And now I'm in bed with my new laptop (that one I waited forever for --- during a power outage!) and I'm installing Photoshop and InDesign and just pinching myself to be online IN BED AT HOME!!! (and warm)!!! oh! and Isaac is next to me with a laptop and we're watching the 25 days of Christmas and Joshua is downstairs playing Runescape with a friend on the speaker phone. Oh! how I love technology. I mean LOVE technology. not that we haven't enjoyed all these lovely days of bonding and handmade ornaments and board games and books and building character---but it does get wearying when you've been spoiled for so long.