His surgery was a year ago today; at this hour I was waiting in the surgery waiting room for him to be done.

I know you donít really like to think about it, but I canít get out of my head what we were doing a year ago, those days at home wondering what kind of bug you had that didnít seem so serious but wouldnít go away, and then the realization that is was probably appendicitis. The visit to Dr. Beal, her seriousness, the ER at Connecticut Childrenís, and them wheeling you away for the surgery. You werenít scared; I wasnít either, really, but the mommy in me just wanted to be with you through it all. And then, the surgery was done, and the recovery--much longer than we expected--began. Those hospital days, the nurses and aides, the cafeteria pizza (only for me)--I remember it all really well. I still cannot look at this picture of you after the surgery without tearing up, but I am grateful I could be with you then and see your courage, my stoic boy. And really grateful to see you healthy and strong in December of 2009.

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