Iím No Martha
When I grew up, itís no secret that the world was a different place. Just ask my kids. They
have probably already heard it a million times. ďWhen I was a kid...Ē. An early memory was
coming home after school in first grade and calling my Mom at work to let her know I had made
it home. My dad was in the Air Force and we moved around alot. And my mom was always able
to find work anywhere we went. You donít join the military to get rich now, and apparently
it was the same then. My mom had to work, especially when my dad was away at school or
overseas in places where the family couldnít go. So my momís strengths were in the
workplace. Not so much in the craft department though. I definitely got my crafting gene
from my mom. As an adult I remember watching some show on TV where Martha Stewart was
making a wreath from rose hips. I was amazed those red things on my dead roses actually had a NAME!
And a pretty name. But what Martha Stewart was doing with them was something that was beyond
my understanding or capabilities. In the first place, my rose hips looked nothing like hers. It
must be an east coast thing that you got pretty rose hips like that. I had rose hip envy. Shame on
me. Although once I sat and thought about it, I knew there was nothing that I could have done
that would have made any wreath I attempted to make look like hers. I figured I would just let my
rose hips languish on the vine, so to speak. So for Christmas crafting I made a chain with my kids
out of cut colored paper so we could take a piece down each day until Christmas. It wasnít pretty.
Nothing I would consider a decoration. But, you know....Iím not sure my kids would have
remembered a rose hip wreath on the door. They remember that Advent Calendar Chain to
this day, though. Maybe I didnít do so bad after all.

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