This is my last official 365 layout since I am going to end the book with the December daily layouts. I just couldn’t keep up with both and I have so much to document in December it only made sense. Boy it has been a ride!!!

Sunday – We had a nice family day at church. We were so proud of Josh when he won a prize because he found the verse before anybody else. Monday - The day has finally arrived. Tony was voted on the South Adams Fire Department. No more rookie status for him. He traded in his shirts and got brand new official ones from the department. We are so proud it has been a long journey! Tuesday - Back to swim lessons. Julia is getting more confident with each passing lesson. She goes under water with no problems at all. Wednesday - The kids have been home all week on fall break and it has been so nice to sit back and watch them play together. Sure, they have their moments just like any siblings, but for the must part they are head over heals for each other and it is a joy to watch!

Thursday - TURKEY DAY!!! We were so excited to be with everyone and celebrate. My mom’s side is loud and fun. We had nearly 40 people all together to share a meal. We had a great time and the kids were excited to find out that they got to spend the night at grammie’s that night. We have so much to be thankful for. Friday - Oh lord what was I thinking. I decided to head out to Toysrus at midnight for their black Friday sales. I knew it would be crazy but nothing prepared me for this! The line was at least 1000 people deep. When we got in there wasn’t even enough room to turn around! Yikes. I will stick with online deals! Saturday - A day of family pictures for the Christmas card. Not a favorite around here but we made the best of it and enjoyed the rest of the day!

Emery Kit
Text Byte No. 27

Little Paper Leaves Curled and Flat

Fab Fall Photo Masks Brushes and Stamps

Photo Clusters No. 04

Silk Road Kit

Stitched by Anna Cream No. 03