I haven't been around much lately. It seems like everything goes wrong and I feel a bit down. Sometimes people can be so rude, without knowing. For example: I'm working with a beautiful thin blond young woman at the other side of our frontoffice. We are with 3 woman and 23 men. Why do the collegaes talk to her and totally forget that I am in the same room. They only talk and look to her. I think they don't know how much that hurts. When she's away, they seem to remember me. I'm not jealous of my female collegae, she's friendly and she can't help it. I always try to be good to anybody, be interested in them, send cards, but all that doesn't matter. Sometimes I think that even when I mean something good, it turns out bad. But enough feeling sorry for myself.
I wanted to share this beautiful photo of Jessie (my stepson). I took it on our Turkye vacation when he was enjoying eating an icecream.

It also helped when I read the comments on my last layout. It was so nice that people were happy to see me in the gallery again. I'm so glad that I discovered DD in january this year. There are so many sweet people at this site. Heartwarming.

So no more selfpity. I go smiling now and be happy again.

Credits to:

Katie Pertiet:
Alandia Tropics Kit
Fabulous Layered Template
Halftone Masks Brushes and Stamps No. 01
Tied Fasteners No. 03
Loosely Labeled No 02
Chipboard Alphabet: Black

Rob and Bob studios:
Mosaic Border Strips

Michelle Martin:
Colbie Solids Paper Pack

Thanks for looking and sorry for my grousing!