Here is my week of Nov 15th

I want to thank everyone for their wonderful comments and to say that yes I have been good at keeping up but remember I started this in August, where most of you started in January, so let's see how devoted I am in come June/July timeframe! Smile

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Ryan’s birthday party was today and here he is playing with one of his new toys in his new Little Einstein jammies. I think overall he had a great day!

But then he caught the flu overnight; the poor little guy. Abby spent the day and night at Nonna’s so I could take care of Ryan and so she won’t catch it.

Today is Ryan’s actual birthday he is still sick but not too sick to have some cake! Daddy asked why I only put 2 candles on the cake and I said cause you’re 2 - Ha! Your are FOUR! Silly mommy!

We put together the race track and it was pretty fun watching you two watch the cars speed around and around the track.

Lots and lots of coffe for mommy now that she has TWO kids with the flu; Ryan got a bit worse and then Abby caught it, so mommy needs her energy to keep up!

Here the kids are playing with the homemade playdough that mommy made; you can cleary see that Abby still does not feel well, but she had fun rolling out the dough

After the kids went to bed, mommy and daddy grilled some chicken outside; it was cold but the chicken tasted so good!

TFL Smile