Jake walked into the room during a show that I knew wasn’t age appropriate. It was about child abduction. He immediately latched onto the content and started launching questions in true Jacob style. “Mom, what would happen if someone took me? What would you do?” Sensing a parent moment, I tried my best to stay in control. “Jake, if something ever happened to you, my heart wourld be broken in a million pieces. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to find you.” But Jake wasn’t stopping today. His little mind was already in full swing. “Mom, if you lost me, wouldn’t you just lay another kid?” When I looked puzzled, he went on. “You know mom, make one come out of your tummy.” It took a second to register. Lay. Egg. Chick. Hatch...

Kid??? “Jake, I could never replace you with another kid.” That would never happen. I only ever wanted you. You’re the only Jacob for me.” To which he replied, “I don’t know mom. There are a ton of Jacobs in my school.” Ok, now this is getting hard. Too fast. “But Jake - there is only ONE Jacob A C in the whole wide world. I am quite certain of that.”

Disaster averted. Jake’s concern seemed to be abated (and The Talk Delayed) - for the moment. But that little mind is always ticking. Always thinking. Always hatching another question for a new day.

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