A visual reminder of the power of genetics: My grandmother, born in 1886,
is 7 years old in this photograph from her one room school. She bears a
haunting resemblance to my own granddaughter, Ruby, born in 2007.
Having lost her Mother when she was four years old Love, (her real,
given name) was raised by her older sister, went on to marry her
sister’s husband’s brother. and have seven children, one, my mother.
Ruby, my daughter’s daughter, only two, has an unwritten story
but her heritage has been told for four generations and we are still counting.

Some new things TODAY…well, tonight, well, officially tomorrow...

Katie's new Classic Cardstock Muse and Brushed ALpha

Anna's new UpcycledART Paperie 5 (used as an overlay)

Lynn's Million Miles Kit had this very cool bee….

The tabbed Journaler is also gonna be out tonight in Katie's Challenges. I totally love it and hope for MORE!
The trickster cloud-tree is from Anna's
Halloween TrickSter BrushSet
and the leaves are from Lynn's
Golden Bay Kit

Fonts: Faith Collapsing (thank you Mel!), Garamond Pre...