This is a silly page, but I couldn't resist making one in tribute to my oldest stuffed friend. The design was inspired by Kayleigh's fabulous "Beach Girl" page:

When I visited my folks last month, my mom was in the midst of cleaning out the house. She asked me what I wanted to do with my bear. (She had been planning to throw him out). After so many years of faithful service, admittedly, Mr. Bear is in pretty sad shape; yet despite his condition, I couldn't quite let him go. Mom and I compromised and decided to pack him up for the time being. . . another treasured memory stored away.
Now I'm not a betting girl, but if I was, I'd lay some money on the chance that Mr. Bear eventually arrives on my doorstep via express mail from Texas. He'll always be my little bear. . . but let's be honest - he takes up a lot of space!

In this Project (All DD):
Anna Aspnes
CurvyCorner Stitched Blocks No. 01
Stitched by Anna White No. 01
Stitched By Anna Brown No. 02

Pattie Knox
Absolutely Acrylic Alphabet No. 01
Chipboard Bytes Bare Tagboard Alphabet No. 03

Michelle Martin
Frostproof Solids Paper Pack
Pacifica Kit (bow, borders)

Katie Pertiet
Eat Cake Kit
Naturally Krafty No. 01 Paper Pack (in "B" alpha)
Postage Strip Months
Postage Strip Words No. 01
Scatterings No. 01
Spot Dots No. 10 Paper Pack
Stacked Photo Clusters No. 03
Worth Repeating Expressions No. 02 Brushes and Stamps

Mindy Terasawa
Boys Rawk Paper Pack
Sweet Love Solids Paper Pack
Color Challenge Freebie, 5.31
Color Challenge Freebie, 7.19

Fonts: Minion Pro, Pea Carol

Thanks for looking! : )