One day, YESTERDAY, in our little life in Maine. It is supposed to be restful here, a break from taking care of my parents….but no, busy, busy, busy….and this does not include the client hours or the meeting with students or the consult with the tech person at the college which I worked into the day!!

Luckily for me, Anna has a ::::new ARTPLAY Fall::::coming tonight!! And Cathy Z has these cool Scallapalooza Journal Spots coming, too. I used one for the mask for the porcupine....who did actually walk right up to the back door!!
The blue jewel on the watchface marks my 58th year….which is almost over. oh, and the flag with the cross is the Cornish flag from out trip this summer.

Katie Pertiet
Postage Stamp Frames No. 03 Large Collection

Pattie Knox:
Bedazzled! Layout Jewelry

Fonts: JaneAusten, Leafy glade