This is for the Double D Week 2 Challenge. This is a story about my son (who is now 28..and I still occasionally call him Scoot!). And YES, this took me absolutely forever to make in "Dawnee Scraptime Time" (i.e 4 hrs instead of the usual one!). LOL The journaling reads:

Once upon a time, there was a little boy named Nickolas. His mother loved him so much. She thought that he was so adorable that she started calling him Pooder. When Pooder was about 2 years old, his mommy made up the name game. Mommy would try to say as many names that rhymed with Pooder that she could come up with. She would say them as fast as she could. He would laugh hysterically and tell her to “do it again!” So she would call him her Pooder, Scooter, Hooter, Tooter, Booter Boy. Then one day he turned 5. She felt like crying when he told her that he was a big boy and his name was not Pooder! By now this was a habit that was very very hard to stop. So his mommy gradually started calling him Scooter instead and shortened it to Scoot. The little boy didn’t mind that too much, but then one day when he was about fourteen, he was playing baseball and when he hit a home run his loving proud mother yelled, “Go Scooter”. Needless to say, he was very angry at his mother, because his teammates never let him live it down!

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