Journaling: I think I’ll remember September 2009 for a long time. The first found us a family of four, vacationing on Lake George after leaving Aimée at Houghton. It was so sweet and relaxing and happy, and I’m so grateful for that family time now. Midmonth was when the month got really hard, with things at church all in a mess. But still--so much to be thankful for. Dave & Ellen, Matt & Julie, Dave & I bound together as a team, closer than ever before. The knowledge that God remains sovereign and in control. The grace for each conversation, each realization, each new revelation. The help of the boys with babysitting. Time with Ellen in the car on the way back from New Hampshire. Reminders from Scripture of God’s faithfulness. The knowledge that Aimée would be cared for at Houghton once we told her the news. The way the crisis drew me and Dave closer together. All we could learn from the failures of others, and all our children could learn. Time to relax over Uno and football and apple picking with people we trusted. God is good, all the time.

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