I am still working on my 2008 photobook! Yikes!
These are my kids and nieces/nephews. Thanks for looking! Smile
Thanksgiving 2008 - Gammy and Pop live in a condo so there is very little outdoor area to explore when we come to visit. Thank goodness there is a neighborhood park just a few blocks away! All the kids love to take a quick walk to the park to play, but they have learned that when I go, and bring my camera, play time can quickly get replaced by picture time! Sorry kids! I LOVE to take pictures of you kids because we get so little time with our cousins. These moments are priceless to me, and I want to preserve every moment I can! Perhaps someday you will appreciate my dreaded camera! Until then, smile, and bear with me as I document the story of today!


Katie Pertiet:
Drop Shadow Styles Collection
Tabbed Brushes and Stamps

ALi Edwards:
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