This double page layout is for a challenge on Debbie’s “Get it Scrapped” site. My husband and I had so much fun on this day with four of our five grandsons at the barbershop, the Cracker Barrel & swimming. I just wanted to get the day down so we can remember the fun! Sorry that my journaling is so long ... I just had to write it down. Life is Good. Smile

The new sister was five days old & just came home from the hospital with their mama & daddy to meet Max & Mary Paul. We had promised Max that he could go home with Papa to the farm after he got to see his mama & baby at home, so that is just what Papa did! Packed little Max’s bag and off they went for a week. Monnie drove back to the farm for three days & then we took Max back to his house to learn the routine of living with two sisters! I know that Papa had just as much fun ( or maybe more fun ) than little Max had while staying with us at our house & at the farm. Papa is just a bit of a little boy too sometimes I think . . . so he likes to have a good excuse to play himself it seems!
It was Papa’s big idea ... to take the four boys to Randal‘s for haircuts today. Good idea? Maybe? He picked up Michael's three boys in his car and I took Max in mine, and we met at the barber shop. Mitchell was in the chair when we got there ... he has hair that is so thick & wavy now . . . he wore it very long for awhile and now it is cut shorter . . . love how it curls in the back. Then James was up ... his mama didn't want much cut off of his, so Papa called her and she said to trim it all around. Then Henry who has the most coarse, curliest, thickest hair ever was up. Randal cut and cut and cut on it . . . probably more than Mama wanted I'm guessing. We probably shouldn't have brought him I guess . . . hope that Mama isn't mad at us! Then Max was last . . . he has the thick, straight like a stick hair like Mitchell's used to be. Randal trimmed it all around and it looks so cute . . . we can actually see his eyes! The boys ran all over the tiny shop from the water fountain to the gum machine to Randal's penny drawer . . . H and J wanting me to buy them cokes or water . . . me saying no! It took an hour & a half for Randal to cut all of them, and Papa left with $60.00 less in his pocket, but with four handsome grandsons in tow. I doubt that the two other men in the shop had ever watched 4 little boys get haircuts at the same time! Then we took them to the Cracker Barrel for lunch at 12:30. Pancakes for Max (he ate some of my turnip greens and apples), pancakes for James, cheeseburger for Mitch and macaroni and cheese for Henry. Bottled orange drinks for all except Mitchell, who likes Root Beers. Then we had to take three of the empty bottles home to add to James’ bottle collection that is growing in our utility room much to Papa’s dismay. We actually got along pretty good all morning! Came back to our house for swimming. They all had lots of fun. Papa was the shark who chased them . . . H. told papa not to chase him because “it scares me”. Stephanie, Ralph, Lauren, Ellen and Mary Lauren came about four o’clock to swim and then we went inside at five to get Mitch, James & Henry back home and to start a salad for Papa, Max and Monnie to eat for our supper. Max told Papa that the kitty like to rub on his legs because he (Max) is soft! He says the cutest things. Max ate a good supper . . . loved the boiled eggs I put in the salad, and called them "egg rolls". He wanted two egg rolls on his. After supper he & Papa played with our old collection of Lego’s and then I read him "Choo Choo" by Virginia Lee Burton for the fourth night. He was asleep in five minutes. It was just before eight and he was out like a light. Papa & Monnie watched "night at the Museum" and after our day with the boys, we turned in early too . . . and were “out like lights” too!
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