This page I made yesterday for a challenge at Debbie's Get it Scrapped site. From the way that I'm holding my dress out, I think that I must have loved it! I know that when our daughter was about the same age she loved dresses that would "twirl"! What sweet memories.

Journaling: These two photos trigger my very first firm & real memory of my childhood. I am not sure about the dress, but I know that either my mother, my aunt or my grandmother made it. Probably it was made by my grandmother sitting in her tiny closet of a sewing room with her old treadle sewing machine. My memories of that room are many . . from the walls papered with old newspapers from the 1930's to the smell of the sewing machine oil, the little cylinders of fabrics rolled up and tied with torn off selvages from other projects. Many of these bundles were from flour and sugar sacks that she had collected from her purchases at the "Little Store" . . . but, that is another story for other photos. The strongest memory that I have is standing over the floor "register" where the heat came into the house from the coal fired furnace in the basement. When it would cut on, my beautiful circular skirt would fly up like a kite! The heat would cut off, and my skirt would drop against my legs again. Up & down & up & down for as long as I wanted to stand there!

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