Our little grandson, Henry is so funny with his love of all things pink! When he comes to our house to swim he immediately puts the pink ring around his tummy and he always brings his own pink goggles with him. His mama told me today that he has to have two towels for naptime at pre-school this year . . . and yep, they are both bright pink!

Journaling: Today your daddy is 41 years old . . . not a little boy like you any more! We are having a birthday supper with a cake and candles. But before we eat, you get to swim . . . just you and James! Mitchell is cutting the yard so you have the run of things. The tricycle goes miles around the pool but only with the pink goggles and the pink tube around your tummy. What a clown! You and your love of all thinks pink just tickle us to death. Your mom puts her food down when it comes to dressing you in pink, our sweet little Henry!

Quotation: “While an original is always hard to find, he is easy to recognize.” ~ John L. Mason

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