Lynn Grieveson
French Summer Kit

Katie Pertiet
Going Away Element Pack (yarn tie)
My Family Genealogy Clippings No. 02
Little Round Tabs

Anna Aspnes
UpcycledART Paperie No. 01
Stitched By Anna Brown No. 01

Traveling Typewriter, Seraphim, Zapfino Linotype Three, Pea Olson fonts

Mom, This porch is just one part of your passion for making the outdoors around your home gorgeous in the summertime. There are more flower beds and vegetable gardens and borders and pots and pretty garden ornaments and birdfeeders --not crowding, but, rather, placed with charm. This porch is what people see first, and where you start in the morning with watering and deadheading. You are repaid with a steady stream of pleased company, hummingbirds, bees, lots of conversation and a sweet view.