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::All Designer Digitals::
Katie Pertiet:
Assorted Tapes No. 03
Simple Classics No. 07 Kit
Anna Aspnes:
Stitched by Anna Borders Red No. 01
Dude PageSet
Stitched Numbers Clipping Masks No. 01
Lynn Grieveson:
Worn Page Edges No. 02
Fonts: Pea Faye for journaling & Franklin Gothic Heavy for Spencer

Journaling: Loves playing with anything that has wheels. Is a great ‘help’ in the kitchen. Favourite pajama’s are the monkey jammies. Enjoys running outside when it is raining with dad & our neighbour Aisling. Likes to drive the truck. Hated wearing a bib as a baby & now requests to wear one occasionally. Can point out the letters in the alphabet from A-F & the letter P for some reason. Usually sleeps through the night. Naps for about an hour & ½ per day. Rubs his hand along the edge of his blanky as he is falling asleep. Has a great imagination. Is getting quite the sweet tooth these days. Likes to help vacuum. Hates being dirty especially when someone points it out. When you ask the question ‘what would you like for breakfast (dinner, lunch or snack)? Answers ‘puppies’ with a cute little smile. Then we say ‘puppies?? You can’t eat puppies!’ And you say ‘noooooo-eeee’. Attempts new words all the time, some of the funny ones now are nasty, nakie for naked, tiny, noo-noos for noodles & pankey (pancake). Likes to be at home. Knows that when we have Timmy’s coffee he gets a timbit which he calls a donie. Loves to read stories. When he is doing something he likes he keeps saying ‘more’. If he is trying to get your attention he pulls your face to look at him. Gets timeouts on the stairs & says ‘all done’ over & over. Loves milk & sometimes gets chocolate milk. Likes to wipe his hands on a cloth while he is eating. Will play outside whenever possible. Doesn’t care if Gramma & Grampa’s pool is cold he will still go swimming & doesn‘t want to get out even if his lips are blue. Is a loving big brother 95% of the time, but occasionally pats her not so gently on her head thus resulting in the timeout. Loves mommy’s truck more than daddy’s truck. Has a great memory - each time we go past the pond in this one spot he remembers that he lost his hat in the water & Kenny go it for him. Loves to sing songs with mom. “Mr. Sun, Mr. Sun Mr Golden son, please shine down, please shine down on (insert poppa 1st then, Tim (auntie Kim), Paul (from dad’s physio).” The snap dragon, tiger lily roar, morning glory song. Rain rain go away come again another day. Gets shy in new situations. Is getting better at brushing his teeth, but dad still needs to help to make sure all of those teeth get clean. When he wakes up in the morning he calls out for dad-dy. Likes to wear his bear slippers. Wears size 2x-3x. Is a whole lotta fun at 2. Love you little man!

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