Going through the gallery, I was inspired by so many of the "doggie" pages on DD - such wonderful tributes to our "best friends" - that I decided to give it a go.

Journaling reads: "The way was long (for an old dog) and the day was hot. But you climbed and climbed without complaint, always the trooper. And when we reached the summit, you didn't pause to investigate or even to give your hiking companions a second glance. You went and found the nearest patch of shade and plopped right down for a well-deserved rest ONE HOT (HIKIN') DOG."

In this Project:
Sacked Solids Earthtones, Katie Pertiet
Color Challenge Freebie, 6.14, Pattie Knox

Other Elements:
Aged Alphas, Katie Pertiet
Memorable Spots Months, Katie Pertiet
Mega Tag Pack, Katie Pertiet
Stamped Blocks No. 12, Katie Pertiet
"Autumn Crush" Kit, Andrea Victoria
Stitched by Anna, No. 1, White, Anna Aspnes
Torn n Tattered Paper Templates, No. 2, Anna Aspnes

Fonts: Interstate, Meta Plus, Minion Pro
Thanks for looking!