For as long as my sons have been telling this ridiculous story, I have been threatening to do this page. Well, while shopping at Sears for a treadmill, I finally got the photos I needed, so without further ado, here it is . . .

(ETA: I just realized the irony of shopping for a treadmill when I took these pictures -- hee, hee! I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.)

Michelle Martin
Carissa Paper Pack
Carissa Solids Paper Pack
Jelly Alphabet No. 06

Katie Pertiet
Storyboard Frames No. 01

Anna Aspnes
ModGrunge FotoBlendz Clipping Masks No. 03
Stitched by Anna Red No. 01

Pattie Knox
Staple Its!
Everyday Inspiration Challenge, 07.05.09 (stars)

CK Ali's Hand and MS Dialog