Funny moments
A day not laughed is a day not lived

A page of my dear husband Robin. This is part 2 of my spread of funny vacation memories of 3 years.

1. San Francisco, 2007
Lying on the ground to make that special photo.

2. Zion NP, 2007
“I’m the giant power!”

3. Crater Lake NP 2008
Beautiful flowers with on the background Crater lake. He had to have that on the photo.

4. Flat Iron building New York, 2009
He was teasing me.

5. Niagara Falls 2009
Again beautiful flowers with on the background the American falls.

6. San Francisco, 2008
In the Go Cart, he made funny faces the whole tour and did horn and wave to pedestrians. He is so adorable when he does that. My heart melts away.

7. Tunnel rock, 2008
Jumping and acting funny. Just a few minutes earlier a bear jumped of a cliff/rock on the road right before our car. Whoops, that was awesome, but we were also shaken. It would have been horrible of we had hit the bear. It was such a beautiful animal.

8. Palm Springs, 2008
A very white table cloth and Robin doesn’t go together very well. He had an “accident” with his tomato soup.

Isn’t life great, having so many beautiful, & funny memories. Hope we will get much more of these moments.

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