I took up Bailey's challenge - Do the Journaling first. I wrote alot more than I normally would for any other LO because I wasn't limited by the space on the page. This created other problems though. I had heaps of trouble with this page. I'm moving on now cause I can't stare at it any more.

Journaling - "Our house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a sunroom, a kitchen/lounge/family room and a large deck and backyard with a swimming pool. With all this space, you would think that we could find a proper place to eat out meals. We do have a breakfast bar, but since you came along we had to take away the stools because you were always climbing on them or pulling them down on yourself. We have a lovely outdoor table on the deck, but there are either too many mozzies or its too cold to sit and eat dinner. So that leaves the lounge, our lovely cream leather lounge. It has become more than just a couch for our family. It is the breakfast, lunch and dinner table. It is a bed, computer desk, indoor trampoline, wrestling ring, change table, laundry basket and so many other things. It is always covered in sticky smudges, clothes, blankets, mummy’s laptop and toys. The cushions are always on the floor, or being used as a tray tables for hot dinner plates. I have decided that enough is enough. You need to learn some proper table manners, so we are looking for some new stools to go at the breakfast bar that have a back on them and are safe for you to sit on. Daddy loves to eat on the couch as much as you do, so it might be even harder to change his habits. Tonight we had one of your current favourite meals, sausages and mashed potatoes with bbq sauce. You were happily eating you dinner, when you suddenly announced “I love sauce!” I know you do my darling; the evidence is always all over the couch when you have finished your dinner!"
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