Anna Aspnes
O.M.G. PageSet

Ali Edwards
Remember Outline Word Overlays 12x12

Katie Pertiet
Shaped Notebook Journalers
Buttoned Up Love
Lynn Grieveson
Worn Photo Edges No. 02

Pattie Knox
Brad Bonanza No. 03: Digital Fasteners

Whenever we can’t find something around here, Joshua or Isaac or will eventually say, “Look on Mom’s dresser.” And I often lament, “Why’s *THIS* (pvc pipe, lone sock, wrapper to string cheese, YuGiOh card deck) on my dresser?”

contents: card shuffler &
holders from Gin Rummy with Isaac; lone sock;
spoon from under a pillow (snow day superstition); Aztec mask; “My Fair Lady” DVD; trombone slide cream that was in my suitcase when we went to Disney; puzzle book from Tami; orange & blue “camo” paint for Isaac’s tank; string Donald; pencil case with game pieces for Sunshine Math; small wire cutters; baseball (?); stationary; memory card; paper chain napkin holder from the “sustainable” Commencement Dinner last month; Halo figure & Littlest Pet Shop figure; lint brush; lizrd, ruler; bag of toothpicks (for crafting); pvc from Joshua’s nerf gun modifications; ruler ...