Thanks to esther_a for the inspiration on this one - from her layouts "Pea Soup Bay" and "Fields of Golden Canola."

I probably have enough photos to do a whole book on Western Montana. . . swear I'd move there in a minute if we could. So beautiful. Anyway, I snapped this shot during a trip to Glacier National Park with my girlfriends. We were on a country road someplace - and sharing it with the cows. It was pretty entertaining! Since I grew up in Texas, I'm used to livestock on the roads. But this was a LOT of cows. : )

In this Project:
Frost Proof Solids, Michelle Martin (Paper)
Mega Tag Pack, Kate Pertiet (eyelets)
Memorable Spots Months, Kate Pertiet
Stitched by Anna, No. 1, White, Anna Aspnes

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