A few new photos of our granddaughter and a couple of new items that will be in the store soon . . . all about butterflies!

Journaling: It is a butterfly time of year and you are taking advantage of all of the pretty ones that are flying around our yard this week. This was sitting on a flat of zinnias & you stood next to it until it flew up and perched upon your finger! You were so excited and brought it into the house still sitting on your finger and got a canning far to put it in. You had learned in school that butterflies like moisture and that an orange was the perfect thing to put into a jar for them. So an orange it was, and you sure did love watching it in its captivity. After a while, Monnie suggested that maybe it was time to let the butterfly out of the jar so it could return to its family. You thought that was a good idea, and took the plastic wrap from the top of the jar and watched it slowly return to a flower for a moment before flying off to a place where we couldn’t see.

100% Designer Digitals

Katie Pertiet
Dated Journalers No 03 brushes and stamps
Daylily paper pack (used for blending)
Orange Orange paper pack
Proof Sheet Frames
Winged Collection No. 03 Kit

Anna Aspnes
FotoBlendz Layered Template No. 06
Torn N Tattered FlutterBy Templates No. 01
Hipster Plumes Mega Pak No 02 Brush Set