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Tangerine Dreams by Mindy Terasawa

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Fontin, Zapfino, Felix Titling
Joshua, After more than a dozen awesome performances (including at Downton Disney) by the Oyster River “Jazz Band,” I was totally unprepared to be blown away by the “Concert Band” playing with a silent movie. There were over 50 cues and almost as many pieces played by the band and soloists. The audience was captivated, laughing and cheering and giving you a long standing ovation at the end. Incredible! What a director! What a band! (And you did say that even if you didn’t hear the Washington Post March again for 5 years, it would still be too soon.) Washington Post March * Raindrops * Shuffle Stop * Maple Leaf * Minuet in G minor * Quiet Steps * Spinning Song * Mars * Froelicher Landmann * Beethovan Sonatina * Puttin’ on the Ritz * Swing of Things * Arrietta * Row, Row, Row Your Boat * Dance of the Hours * Short Story * Pranav Prelude #2 * Mad World * Night and Day * Waltz in A Minor * Rootbeer Rag * Monster From the Deep * Monster Walking * Sailor’s Reel * Taps.