• Filling a Background With Embellishments in Photoshop and PSE

    Hereís a simple way to create a backdrop for photos and journaling using tags, journaling spots or frames.

    Begin by opening a digital paper in Photoshop or Elements.
    Next, open a tag, frame or journaling spot image. For the sample, one of Katie Pertietís Curled Journaling Spots #3 was used.

    Create a new transparent document. At this point youíll have to do a little math (sorry!)
    Decide how many items you want across and down the page. Divide the number of inches across the page by the number of items you want.
    For example, I want 4 across and 4 down my 12x12-inch page, so Iíll divide 12-inches by 4 and create my new document at 3x3-inches.
    If you want 6 items across the page, divide 12-inches by 6 and create a 2x2-inch document.

    Using the Move tool, drag the tag, frame or journaling spot onto your new transparent document. If you want the items to touch each other, fill the entire transparent document with the tag or frame. If you want a little space between the items, leave space around the image.

    Select Edit > Define Pattern > OK.

    Now select your digital paper. Choose Layer > New Fill Layer > Pattern.
    The pattern you just created will be the last one in the list and will be the new default, so click OK.
    Youíve already done the math, so leave the scale at 100% and click OK on the next screen. Reducing the scale would make the images smaller and more numerous.

    Your page will fill with your tags, frames or journalers, making great little spots for photos, journaling and embellishments.
    Using this method is much faster and easier than duplicating an item 16 times and distributing the images evenly across the page.

    Next week, check back for a tip on how to tilt and move the images youíve used to fill the page.