• Shortcuts for Recoloring PNG Images in Photoshop and PSE

    I love it when I learn a new-to-me shortcut hidden away inside Photoshop and Elements that I can pass along to you. This week, I found a super easy shortcut for recoloring solid images like brushes and stamps, overlays, and some word art. When the image is just one color like black on a transparent background, you can use this shortcut.

    Here's how:
    • In Photoshop or PSE, begin by opening an image you want to recolor. You can also open an image that contains the colors you want to use for recoloring if you like.
    • First, choose new colors for the background and the foreground. Choose the new color by clicking the Foreground color chip at the bottom of the tools panel. This brings up the color picker. Drag and click the cursor on a new color or drag the cursor outside the color picker window to click on the digital image. Or you can type in the color value numbers if you know them. Click OK. The Foreground color will change to the color you have clicked. Repeat the process selecting the Background color chip this time. When you have the two new colors, you are ready.
    • Click to select the layer of the image you are recoloring. In previous tips, we've shown how to fill the whole layer with the background color by pressing Ctrl Backspace (Mac: Cmd Delete) and how to fill the whole layer with the foreground color by pressing Alt Backspace (Mac: Opt Delete) but that fills the whole layer, covering up the image. Here’s the cool thing – just using the Shift key with those shortcuts fills only the opaque pixels, leaving the transparent pixels unchanged! So Shift Ctrl Backspace (Mac: Shift Cmd Delete) recolors the image (only) using the new background color. And Shift Alt Backspace (Mac: Shift Opt Delete) recolors the image with the new foreground color!
    • It's a ridiculously quick and easy way to recolor brushes and stamps, overlays, word art and embellishments like watercolor or ink splashes! This is another shortcut I'm committing to memory!