• How to Customize Titles by Swapping Words in Photoshop and PSE

    In this series, we are demonstrating how to customize brushes and stamps like Katie Pertiet's beautiful Ledger Journalers. When you like the look of a title stamp, but need different wording, you can swap out words to better fit your project. Mixing and matching titles not only gives you the ability to personalize titles, it also expands your digital supplies since the opportunities for word substitution are limitless.

    To begin, select the titles you want to mash up. It's really fun to browse the Word Art to find two or more words you can combine to create a new phrase.

    Here's how to swap words:

    • The brushes at Designer Digitals are delivered as both PNG images and ABR brush files for loading into Photoshop or PSE. To follow along with this tip, open two PNG word art images. For the sample, I am using Katie Pertiet's Ledger Journaler sets.
    • Set the Foreground/Background colors to black and white by pressing D on your keyboard. The left chip should be black with white on the right indicating black as the Foreground and white as the background. If the colors are reversed, press X on the keyboard to correct it.
    • Select one of the image documents. Making sure that the journaler layer is selected, get the Rectangular Marquee tool and drag out a rectangle around the portion of the journaler you are going to replace.
    • Press Ctrl Shift I (Mac: Cmd Shift I) on the keyboard. This selects the inverse (everything except the portion you are replacing.)
    • Click the Add Layer Mask icon in the Layers panel. It looks like a rectangle with a circle inside. This places a mask on the right side of the layer and the word you are replacing disappears in the main window.
    • Then switch to the second image. Get the Rectangular Marquee tool and draw out a rectangle around the word that you are going to use to replace the deleted text. You'll notice that this places marching ants around the selection.
    • Change to the Move Tool and drag the word onto the first document. Be sure to drag from an opaque section (not a transparent portion) of the image.
    • Next, select both layers by pressing the Ctrl key (Mac: Cmd) and clicking both of the layers in the layers panel. Merge the layers by pressing Ctrl E (Mac: Cmd E).
    • Now choose File > Save As and give the image a new name so that you don't accidentally overwrite the original file. Click OK.

    This technique allows you to more than double your digital stash as you mix and match sentiments to customize your page elements.