• How to Extend Brush Lines in Photoshop and PSE

    This week we're back with a brand new series on how to customize brushes and stamps like Katie Pertiet's beautiful Ledger Journalers. When I browse the creatively crafted layouts in the Designer Digitals Gallery, I am reminded of how versatile digital brushes and stamps really are. By manipulating the pixels, you can customize the brushes and achieve an enormous number of different effects.

    If a brush doesn't exactly meet your design needs, you can often change it to make it a perfect fit. For example, there are times when you'd like the lines of the Ledger Journalers to extend farther, making the journaler wider or longer to accommodate a larger photo or to stretch across a page. The Love This Look layout by Shannamay is a great example. Making this happen is super easy but not very intuitive. Here's the easy way to extend the lines of the grid.

    • The brushes at Designer Digitals are delivered as both PNG images and ABR brush files for loading into Photoshop or PSE. To follow along with this tip, open a PNG image from a Ledger Journaler set.
    • Open a new document or your digital project.
    • Using the Move tool, drag the journaler onto the new document. You may find it easier to drag the image from the Layers panel onto your page since the journalers are primarily transparent.
    • Making sure that the journaler layer is selected, get the Rectangular Marquee tool and drag out a rectangle on the right side of the journaler so that you capture the ends of each of the lines.
    • Then switch back to the Move tool. Position your cursor over the handle (small square) on the right side of the Marquee box. Drag to the right. In newer versions of Photoshop CC, you’ll need to hold the Shift key as you drag to keep the software from resizing the lines. This drags the lines out. Stop dragging when the lines are the length you need.
    • Tick the checkmark to confirm the change.
    • Deselect the lines by pressing Ctrl D (Mac: Cmd D) on the keyboard. This removes the marching ants and allows you to continue working.

    This technique allows you to resize the journaler in a way that makes it look authentic to the design.