• How to Transform and Stretch Layers in Photoshop CC

    Photoshop CC has made it simple to resize a layer without distorting it. This version of Photoshop keeps your item in proportion when you drag the Transform controls. This is useful the vast majority of the time. No more funhouse effect when you resize an image.

    But what if you actually DO want to stretch a layer to fit a space on your project? In older versions, using the side handle allowed you to stretch an item, but PSCC has made the side handles function exactly like a corner handle. So now when you want to stretch an item, you'll need to use a modifier key.

    Here's how:

    • Begin by opening a digital project with at least two layers in Photoshop CC.
    • In the layers panel, select the top layer.
    • Press Ctrl T (Mac: Cmd T) on the keyboard to activate the Transform controls.
    • Drag a corner handle to resize the top layer.
    • Now drag a side handle. You'll see that it behaves exactly like the corner handles.
    • To stretch the layer, press Shift as you click/drag. This releases the proportion restraints and allows you to stretch out the layer either side to side or top to bottom.
    • Click the checkmark in the Options bar to confirm the change.

    This handy trick allows you to customize your layer when you don't mind distorting it horizontally or vertically.