• Shortcut for All Caps Text in Photoshop

    The full version of Photoshop has a handy shortcut that changes selected text to all capital letters. It's especially helpful to have this one memorized when you are working with titles and text, particularly in templates. I often want to see a title in all caps without having to retype the words. This shortcut allows you to change the entire title or just a selected word into capital letters with just three keystrokes.

    Here's how:

    • Begin by opening a document in Photoshop. (Note: at the time of this writing, the shortcut was not working in PSE. In future versions, the function may be added to PSE.)
    • Get the Type tool and type out a line of text using both upper and lower case letters.
    • Click the checkmark in the Options Bar to confirm the type.
    • Now select the type by double-clicking the T icon on the text layer in the layers panel.
    • Press Ctrl Shift K (Mac: Cmd Shift K) on the keyboard to change the text to all caps.
    • Don't like the results? Press Ctrl Shift K (Mac: Cmd Shift K) again to revert to the original version.
    • You can also use this shortcut by selecting a portion of the text such as one word. Just get the Type tool and drag the cursor to select the word you want to change to caps. Press Ctrl Shift K (Mac: Cmd Shift K) to convert the selected portion to all caps.

    Knowing this shortcut can help you change case quickly and easily. Best of all, it's easy to undo if you don't fancy the results.