• New Document Window Versions in Photoshop CC

    In Photoshop CC, Adobe introduced the revamped New Document window. It's a large window with templates and increased choices. I suppose I am a creature of habit because I prefer the old, streamlined window. Adobe must have anticipated that there would be users like me because they created a way to allow us to return to the previous style. Here's how:

    • Open Photoshop CC.
    • Select File > New to view the current New Document window style. If it has large icons with custom presets, this is the new window.
    • To change to the legacy window, first close the New Document window. From the Menu Bar, choose Edit > Preferences > General.
    • Tick the box next to Use Legacy 'New Document' Interface and click OK.
    • Now, select File > New again. You'll see that the New Document window has reverted to the older, smaller window.
    • If you decide you'd rather work with the new style, you can switch back by unticking the box in General preferences.