• How to Access Open Type Glyphs in Photoshop

    When you have downloaded fonts, you've probably noticed that some are listed as True Type while others are Open Type. Open Type fonts frequently include alternative characters that can give your type personality. The alternatives might be decorative swashes, individual alternative letter styles, or changes to the way the letters connect to each other. These changes are a fun way to personalize your text and titles.

    To access all of the alternative characters, most designers use Illustrator but there's a way to apply some of them in the full version of Photoshop, too.

    To begin, type a word or phrase using an Open Type font that contains alternative glyphs.
    With the Type tool, select (highlight) the letter you want to replace.
    Open the Photoshop Character panel by clicking the Character panel icon in the Options bar or by choosing Window > Character from the menu bar.
    When the Character panel populates, locate the script "o" near the bottom. This is the Contextual Alternatives icon. Click it to change the letter to the alternative version.

    Be warned that if there are several alternatives for any one character, Photoshop will be confused about which one you want to use and will do nothing.
    If you want to access all of the alternatives, type your text in Illustrator using the Glyphs panel to choose alternates, then copy and paste it into your Photoshop document.

    Using this Photoshop workaround goes a long way toward making your text look more customized.