• Using a Shortcut for Recoloring Type in Photoshop and PSE

    As the holiday season approaches, our schedule fills up quickly and we look for ways to save a few minutes of our precious time. This quick tip for changing the color of text is one way I've learned to save time while digitally crafting.

    Begin by opening a digital project.

    • Using the Type tool (T) key in a word or title.
    • Get the Eyedropper tool (press I on the keyboard) and click somewhere on the document to select a color. This will change the foreground chip to the color you selected.
    • Making sure that the text layer is still selected, press Alt Backspace (Mac: Opt Delete) on the keyboard.
    • This causes the text to be recolored, matching the color you selected with the Eyedropper.

    You can use this method to quickly color and recolor text on any project you may be working on. Simply choose a color and select the text layer before pressing the shortcut keys.