• How to Mash Up Word Art to Create New Phrases

    I'm a huge fan of the digital word art at Designer Digitals. Browsing through the vast array of title sets gives me so many great ideas for new pages and albums. Whenever I get in a scrapbook rut or just need a mojo boost, choosing a title gives me just the nudge I am looking for. Even better, looking at word art sets with a creative eye, gives me an even wider set of possibilities for scrapbooking projects. You can combine words from within a set or put together two or more sets to come up with a title that will help you capture the essence of your photos and memories. For example, you can mash up the titles "A Day in Our Life" and "This is Special" to create "This is Our Life". Or "Little Sprout" can be mashed with "Plant Lady" to give you "Little Lady."
    Here's how:

    • Open your scrapbook document and at least two PNG word art images that you'd like to mix and match. For the sample, I'm using "Girl Power" from Hand Scripted Girls and "America the Beautiful" from Hand Scripted Stars and Stripes.
    • Target one of the open documents, making sure the layer is highlighted in the Layers panel. Get the Lasso Tool. In the Options bar, choose the "New Selection" icon with Feather set to 0.
    • Carefully click and draw a circle around one of the words, joining the loop. When you release the mouse, marching ants will surround the word.
    • Get the Move tool and click/drag the word onto your scrapbook document. Be careful to drag from a black (not transparent) portion of the selected word. Only the selection will move onto your project.
    • Target the second title document and repeat with the word or word part you'd like to use.
    • Sometimes it is difficult to make a selection with the mouse. If you make a mistake as you are drawing out the selection, you can draw out another (smaller) circle changing the icon to "add to selection" or "subtract from selection" to correct the error.
    • Resize, recolor or clip the title words to paper to finish your title work.

    Swapping out words allows you to personalize the title to your specific needs and greatly expands your title options.