• Getting Creative with "Documenting Life Templates" Part 3

    Katie Pertiet's "Documenting Life Notebook Daily Stories" template series at Designer Digitals is a trendy set of "junk journal" style templates. These templates are not only highly detailed, but they are also fully layered to maximize your design options. You can change the titles, add or hide embellishments, or use parts of the templates on other projects.

    Each of the templates has a number of text paths to provide spots for your thoughts and memories to be recorded. If you need more space for writing, there's a simple way to expand the size of the text box. And if you'd like to make changes to all of the the type font, size or color, there's a simple solution for that too!

    Here's how:

    • To change the size of the text box, begin by opening a template in Photoshop or Elements and find the text portion you'd like to expand. If you simply drag the box up or out, the text inside becomes distorted.
    • To expand the box without distortion, locate the text path you want to alter in the layers panel.
    • Double click the T icon on the left side of the text layer. This highlights the entire text within the box.
    • With the text highlighted, you can drag any of the handles of the bounding box to resize the box and the text retains the proper proportions.
    • This is the same technique you can use to change the text color, size, font, and alignment. Once the text is highlighted, you can make choices in the Text Options which will be found at the top of the editing window in PS or at the bottom of the screen in PSE.

    If you'd like to change the font used on all of the text boxes, here's how to save yourself some time by changing them all at one time:
    • With the template open and the Move tool selected, scroll down the Layers panel and click the first Text layer you encounter. It will have a T icon on the left side of the layer.
    • Next, scroll down the Layers panel to find the rest of the text layers. With the Ctrl key (Mac: Cmd key) pressed, click each of the text layers to select them all at once. You should end up with a number of highlighted Text layers.
    • Now change to the Type tool by pressing T on the keyboard or clicking on the Type tool in the tool panel.
    • In the Tool Options select a new font. You can also adjust the font size, color and alignment at the same time. Whatever options you choose will apply to all of the selected type layers. This is much more efficient than making the changes to each text box individually.

    Knowing a few tricks for customizing the text will help you preserve your memories using the "Documenting Life Notebook Daily Stories" template series.