• Getting Creative with "Documenting Life Templates" Part 2

    The "Documenting Life Notebook Daily Stories" template series by Katie Pertiet is a fun new way to keep your thoughts and memories alive. Used with or without photos, these layered templates are customizable diary-styled pages with a "junk journal" flair. In the last tip, we explored a number of uses for these detailed templates and learned how easy it is to change the title.

    In this tip, we'll look at a simple way to change the look of the templates from a "diary" to a scrapbook page by using the page components without the notebook. Here's how:

    • Begin by opening a template in Photoshop or Elements.
    • Locate the layers panel and find the binder clip layers.
    • Click the layer visibility icon on the left side of each of the binder clip layers. This hides the clips.
    • Next locate the notebook layer near the bottom of the Layers panel.
    • Hide the notebook layer by clicking the layer visibility icon on the left side of the notebook layer. Hide the next layer down in the Layers panel which will be the notebook shadow.
    • Now the page details look like they are attached to the background paper instead of a junk journal.
    • Because Katie's templates are designed at 300 pixels per inch, you can size up the layers without losing quality. To do this, select the layer above the hidden notebook and hold the shift key as you scroll up the Layers panel. Click the top layer. Now all of the visible layers will be selected.
    • Get the Move tool and press Ctrl T (Mac: Cmd T) on the keyboard. This places a bounding box around the page elements. Move the cursor to the corner of the bounding box. Hold the Shift key and drag a corner outward to increase the size of the page elements until they almost fill the page. Be sure to leave a small border so that the items will not be cut off in the printing process.
    • Tick the checkmark to confirm the size change. In PS, this will appear in the Options bar across the top of the screen. In PSE, the green checkmark will appear under the bounding box.

    Complete the page by adding a background layer and personalizing the text and images.

    Using this tip gives you a bonus design option for using the "Documenting Life Notebook Daily Stories
    " template series.