• Creating Tucked Corners in Photoshop and PSE

    Here's a tip that is long overdue. We've had a number of requests for help with making photos look tucked into a slit in the background paper. It's one of those techniques that makes your project look incredibly realistic and thanks to Katie Pertiet, it's easy, too! Her series of Fastened Frames create this look in just a few simple steps.
    Here's how to use them:

    • Select a Fastened Frame that fits the aesthetic of your project. There are a number of styles available in the Designer Digitals shop. Inside the download, you'll find individual PNG components as well as PNG frames and layered PSD files. Open the layered PSD file of the frame you want to use.
    • Using the Move tool, click to select the grey photo placeholder layer. You can click it on the open frame document on in the layers panel.
    • Open a photo and still using the Move tool, drag the photo onto the frame document. Make sure that the photo layer is right above the photo placeholder layer in the layers panel. If it isn't, move the photo layer so that it is resting directly above the grey layer.
    • Create a clipping mask by pressing Alt Ctrl G (Mac: Opt Cmd G) on the keyboard. In older versions of PSE, choose Ctrl G (Mac: Cmd G) instead. Alternatively, you can choose Layer > Create Clipping Mask from the Menu bar. This causes the photo to take on the shape of the grey photo placeholder layer. You can resize and reposition the photo to make it fit inside the frame to your liking.
    • Now the framed photo is ready to be moved to your project. Open your project document or a new background layer. In the Layers panel, click the top layer of the layered frame document. Hold the Shift key and click the bottom layer. This selects ALL of the layers in that document at once. Click the link icon in the layers panel to link all of the frame layers together. Drag directly from the layers panel onto the open project so that all of the layers will move as one cohesive group.
    • Just like that, your photo appears as though it is tucked into the background. You can move the frame around on the page and since the layers are linked, it will move as one unit. At any time, you can replace the photo with another one by deleting the photo and clipping the photo placeholder to a different photo. Select all of the frame layers again to move the frame up or down the layers panel to move it above or behind other elements on the page.