• Working with My Story Templates in Photoshop and PSE: Extending the Timeline

    Katie Pertiet has a wonderful new line of "My Story" templates and coordinating products that make it easy to document your own life story or that of a loved one.

    The templates feature a handy timeline that runs up the side of the page. The timeline year markers are fully customizable so that you can document the dates relevant to your own story. It's a terrific way to give continuity to your project and give a context for each page.

    When you print your finished page, you'll likely choose to print full-bleed which carries the image across the whole page without leaving a border. Many printers expand the page a small amount to assure full coverage. Doing so can sometimes cut off a portion of the border around your finished page. To ensure that your timeline remains intact, you may want to move it slightly toward the center of the page, leaving a border or gutter on the edge. But you'll also want to ensure that the timeline "lines" extend all the way to the edge of the print. Here's how:

    • Open a My Story Template in Photoshop or Elements and get the Move tool.
    • In the layers panel, select the top layer. Hold the Shift key, scroll down and select the last layer of the timeline. This will highlight all the layers except the background and brushwork and allow you to move them all together.
    • Use the right or left arrow key to move the selected layers to the right or left, away from the edge of the page, just enough to leave a border for printing.
    • Next, click on the timeline lines layer. You'll want to make sure it is the only layer selected.
    • You'll see a box surround the lines layer at this point. Move your cursor to the center of the timeline lines layer and position it over the square there at the center. The cursor changes to a double-arrow. Drag left or right to stretch the timeline out all the way to the edge of the page.
    • Tick the checkmark to confirm the alteration. In Photoshop, this will be in the Options bar, while in PSE, it will appear below the layer.

    Using this technique, you'll have the confidence that your timeline will remain intact after printing and that the lines will extend all the way to the edge of the printed page.