• How to Find Items That Coordinate with Readymade Layered Borders and Layer Works Templates

    I am crazy about Studio DD's Readymade Layers Borders and Layer Works Templates. They make scrapbooking so easy and I am always thrilled with the way the pages look when printed.

    When I'm using these products, there are occasionally times when I need to change a word strip, a title or an embellishment to better convey the theme of my photo. Fortunately the layers have a detail that makes this easy names.
    You can use these names to find kits that will help you choose a different image for your page.

    Open a Layer Works template or Readymade Layered border.
    Select an embellishment you want to exchange.
    Look in the Layers panel. You'll see the name of the embellishment followed by a / with the name of the kit that the item belongs to.

    For example: SentimentTicket/KP_GreatEscape_Elements

    To change out the sentiment ticket, you know you can go to Katie Pertiet's Great Escape kit to find a different one with a word that better suits the message you are trying to convey.

    You can also find papers and other items in that kit which will coordinate with the template. This is handy to know so that you can find papers for the background and any layer labeled for patterned paper.

    If you can't find something you like there, look at other layers in the template to find other kits used in the design.

    Knowing the names are there helps you when selecting a template from the store. You'll know that you can easily tweak words, titles and embellishments to better fit the theme of your photos.