• How to Customize Readymade Borders in Photoshop and PSE Part 2

    In this series, we've looked at ways to get the most from Readymade Layers Borders by Studio DD. These designer borders consist of layered embellishments that are arranged in a line. You can use the borders with photos on a page for a quick and beautiful project. But since the borders come as layered files, you have unlimited ways of tweaking them to better meet the needs of your project.
    Here are two ways borders can be customized:

    Blend Stamped Layers:
    Many of the Readymade Layers Borders have layers that look painted or stamped. You can make these layers look more authentic by "melting" them into the background a bit.

    Open a Readymade Border and drag the layers onto a background paper.
    Select the painted or stamped layer.
    In the Layers Panel, locate the Blending Modes at the top of panel. The default is set to Normal.
    Change the blending mode to Multiply, Linear Burn or experiment with other modes to find one you like.

    You can also use the Opacity slider at the top right of the panel to lighten the paint or stamped layer, making more of the background visible. Just select the layer and then move the Opacity slider to the left until you get the effect you want. You can use this technique alone or in addition to using a blending mode.

    Clip Layers to Paper:
    Another method for personalizing the Readymade Borders is to change the appearance of a layer by clipping it to a piece of digital paper.
    Open the Readymade Border and a piece of digital paper.
    Get the Move Tool and drag the paper document onto the Border document.
    Move the paper up or down the Layers Panel until it is one position above the layer you want to change.
    When it is in place, press Alt Ctrl G (Mac: Opt Cmd G) on the keyboard to attach the paper to the layer. The paper will look glued to the layer, changing the appearance.
    (Note: In older versions of PSE, press Ctrl G / Cmd G instead.)
    This is a super-fast way to change the color of the border layer to match your project.

    Readymade Borders are a great purchase since the layered file allows you to tweak and customize the border to your liking. Individual layering gives you the ability to change the look on each project.