• How to Customize Readymade Borders in Photoshop and PSE Part 1

    Readymade Layers Borders by Studio DD at Designer Digitals are pre-made lines of themed embellishments. Used as they are delivered, they make putting together a page fast and easy. Their artful arrangement gives your project a designer look in just a few flicks of the mouse. Because they come as individually layered files, you can tweak them to customize them to your individual taste and needs. Here are two ways to personalize a border:

    Hide Layers:
    One way to customize a Readymade Layers Border is to hide an embellishment you don't want to use. To do this, open the border in Photoshop or Elements.
    Click to select the embellishment, then look to find the highlighted layer in the Layers Panel.
    Click on the Layer visibility icon (looks like an eyeball) on the left side of the layer.
    This hides the embellishment from view.
    This is better than deleting the layer since you can click the visibility icon back on if you decide later that you actually do want to use the image.

    Add To the Border:
    Another way to customize the layered border is to add embellishments to it.

    You can easily switch embellishments from another border in the set.
    Just open two borders (or more) layered PSD borders in Photoshop or Elements.
    Choose Window > Arrange > Float All in Windows from the menu bar so that you can view both borders at once. In PSE, use Window > Images > Float All in Windows.
    Get the Move tool and select the individual embellishment you want to use. Find the layer in the Layers Panel and drag the layer onto the other open document.

    You can also tweak the border by adding images from another kit using the same technique.
    But don't stop there! Try adding small photos, alphabet letters, tags or word art this way for a truly customized grouping.

    Personalizing borders by adding to or hiding individual elements makes them even more versatile. It's just one reason the borders are such a great item to have in your digital stash.