• How to Harvest Layer Styles from Readymade Borders in Photoshop and PSE

    Readymade Layers Borders by Studio DD are artfully designed lines of thematic embellishments. These pre-made borders make quick work of embellishing a digital project when used as they are. The borders are layered with shadows in a way that make them look realistically dimensional. You can use these professionally-created shadow effects to bring dimension to the other parts of your page, too! Here's how:

    Begin by opening Photoshop or Elements.
    Open a Readymade Border using the layered PSD version of the file.
    Open a digital project with layers.

    Choose Window > Arrange > Float All in Windows from the menu bar so that you can view both of the documents at once. In PSE, use Window > Images > Float All in Windows.

    Select the document that contains the border.
    Find an item that has a shadow you want to use. Right click the layer in the Layers panel and choose "Copy Layer Style."
    Next, select the layer in your digital project that you want to make dimensional. Right click the layer of that item in the Layers Panel and choose "Paste Layer Style."

    A different way to harvest the Layer Style is to select the border layer and choose Layer > Layer Style > Copy Layer Style from the Menu Bar. Then select the layer in the scrapbook page that needs dimension and choose Layer > Layer Style > Paste Layer Style.

    Using this technique of borrowing styles, you can apply a variety of shadow styles to your layers, creating varying degrees of dimension to make the page look realistically layered.
    Readymade Layers Borders are so much more than they appear at first glance. The layered files contain embellishments and layer styles that can be used on page after page, making them a great purchase.

    Thanks so much for watching and be sure to check back in two weeks for the next tip on getting more from Studio DD's Readymade Layers Borders.