• Using Readymade Borders as Themed Element Packs in Photoshop and PSE

    Studio DD's Readymade Layers Borders are beautifully designed lines of embellishments. These pre-made borders are a great way to decorate a page of any style, but you can also look at them as curated packs of embellishments. When you are working on a digital project, the borders can help you fill it out. Here's how:

    Begin by opening Photoshop or Elements.
    Open a scrapbook project you want to embellish.
    Open a Readymade Border using the layered PSD version of the file.
    Choose Window > Arrange > Float All in Windows from the menu bar so that you can view both of the documents at once. In PSE, use Window > Images > Float All in Windows.

    Select the document that contains the border.
    Get the Move tool and choose a layer in the Layers Panel. Drag the layer to the open scrapbook page.

    Open the whole set of borders to maximize your embellishment choices. Floating all in Windows allows you to view them all so you can choose parts of each.

    Using the layered files has the added bonus of already containing drop shadows that make the embellishments look more realistic on the page. It saves you the step of creating shadows on each layer.

    Many of the sets come with folders of PNG images. These are also like thematic element packs. Pick and choose elements from the folder to decorate scrapbook pages and get the most from your border purchase.

    I love a great buy like Readymade Layers Borders which can be used over and over again on page after page. Looking at them this way, the border sets are so much more!