• Changing Readymade Border Orientation in Photoshop and PSE

    Studio DD's Readymade Layers Borders are beautifully designed groupings of embellishments arranged in a line. Whether you are creating a pocket page, a simple design or an artsy project, the pre-made borders are a great way to embellish a page. When the border you want to use is designed horizontally, you may want to use it vertically instead. Here's how to change the orientation of the border so you can use it either way.

    Begin by opening Photoshop or Elements.
    Open a scrapbook project or create a new 12x12 document at 300 ppi.
    Open a Readymade Border using the layered PSD version of the file. (Note: you will not be able to manipulate parts of the PNG image independently.)
    Choose Window > Arrange > Float All in Windows from the menu bar so that you can view both of the documents at once.

    Select the document that contains the border.
    Get the Move tool. Click the top layer of the border in the Layers Panel, then hold the Shift key as you click the bottom layer. This selects all layers of the border at one time. Drag the selected layers directly from the Layers panel onto the other document.
    With all the layers still selected on the new document, press Ctrl T on your keyboard. This populates the Transform controls around the group.
    Position your cursor over a corner, then hold the Shift key as you click and drag the border to change the orientation.
    Holding the Shift key moves the border incrementally so it will remain perfectly straight.
    (Note: If you canít see the corner handle, make sure "Show Transform Controls" is ticked in the Options bar.)

    Click the checkmark to confirm the change. This will be in the Options bar in PS, or below the image in PSE. You won't be able to do anything else in the software until the checkmark is ticked or cancelled.

    Next, click the background layer to select it which releases the multiple selection from the border.

    At this point, the border is reoriented, but you'll probably want to tweak it by turning a few of the border items like tags, flair, bows or staples.
    Click the border element you want to twist using the Move tool. Using the corner handle, turn the embellishment into position. Use the Shift key as you drag if desired.
    For items that need to move together like stapled tags or tags with writing, Ctrl click (Mac: Cmd click) each of the layers you want to move in the Layers Panel to select them all at once. Move the cursor to the corner of the grouping and twist the group into the opposite orientation.

    Knowing how to change the orientation of borders gives you even more design choices, making your purchase even more versatile.