• Creative Techniques with Filmstrip Frames in Photoshop and PSE - Part 3

    This week's tip is the third part in a series on how to use Katie Pertiet's Filmstrip Frames creatively. This series shows you how to make small changes to the frames in order to get a different effect whether you are using a filmstrip frame set or a template with filmstrip frames. By thinking outside the box, you can use the frames over and over again to match your page designs.

    Blending Frames for Stamped or Painted Effect

    I was first drawn to this technique by admiring Kayleigh's Loveable Face page and Anke's One More Time page. I liked the way the frames are faded into the background, creating a subtle layering item. The technique gives the frame the look of a stamped or painted image on the background paper. It adds just the right amount of detail to these beautifully layered pages and shows why frame sets are a great purchase.
    Here's how to achieve that look:

    • Open the frame image in Photoshop or PSE. For the sample, I'm using Katie Pertiet's Filmstrip Frame Brushes and Stamps No. 1
    • Open a document that you'd like to use with the frame.
    • Select the background layer of the document and use the Move Tool to drag the frame on top of the background.
    • Move the frame into position and then change the color if needed.
    • To change the color to match the document, select the frame layer and choose Edit > Fill. (In PSE, choose Edit > Fill Layer.) This opens the fill dialog box.
    • For Contents, choose Color to open the color picker. Drag the cursor to the document and click on the color you want to use for the frame, then click OK. Leave the Blending Mode set to Normal and Opacity at 100%, but DO click the Preserve Transparency box before clicking OK.
    • Next, choose a blending mode at the top of the Layers panel. Multiply or Linear Burn work well for many colors, but you'll want to experiment with other modes to get a pleasing effect.
    • Finally, locate the Opacity slider at the top of the Layers panel and reduce the opacity of the layer by moving the slider to the left until the frame melts into the background.

    Using this technique gives the frames a totally different look and page function. It's a great way to use the frame sets again and again on different pages.