• Easily Recolor Word Art with More Than One Color in Photoshop and PSE

    Word Art titles are a great way to give your page a theme and titles help give the reader a focus. Many word art products come as pngs that are black on a transparent background. We've covered ways to fill word art with one color in other tips. Here's how to recolor the png images using multiple colors.

    Open the word art image you want to recolor. Use a word art image that comes with a transparent background.

    Look in the Layers panel. Click the Lock Transparent Pixels icon. It looks like a square checkerboard. This changes the image so that none of the transparent portions of the word art can be altered. You'll notice that it also places a lock icon on the word art layer.

    Next, click the Foreground color chip at the bottom of the Tools Panel on the left side of the editing window.
    Use the color picker to choose your first color. If you want to match the colors to a piece of digital paper, photo, or scrapbook page you are working on, press the letter I on the keyboard. This changes the cursor to an eyedropper. Click anywhere on the image you want to match to choose a color. Your Foreground color chip will change to match that color.

    Now get the Brush tool. Your brush color will be the color you just selected. Choose a brush from the brush picker in the Options bar. This will be at the top of the screen in Photoshop and either the top or bottom of the editing window in Elements (depending on the version you are using.) I like to use a hard round brush for this technique.
    Use the brush to recolor a portion of the image by clicking and dragging the brush over the image. You'll notice that only the word art changes color but the transparent portion remains clear.

    Change the color of your brush by clicking the Foreground color chip and selecting a new color. Or press I on the keyboard and select a color from your document.
    Now use the brush tool to color another part of the image by clicking and dragging the cursor over the image.

    Repeat as many times as needed to complete the coloring.

    Press Ctrl + to zoom in if you need to see the details of your word art. Press Ctrl to zoom out again.

    Give your titles and word art images a fun new look by using more than one color in the design. Try this technique on brush images and overlays, too!